C-Series Barricades

: Justin McIntyre

The C-Series Barricades from Lustre Products, designed to fit in the newer, compact service vehicles are lightweight and ultra-durable. The 10mm, high-vis coroplast features 2 safety logos (Do Not Enter Circle – Yellow Caution Triangle in 3 languages). All panels are connected by aluminum rods. Our FingerLock design is a series of loose panels that are connected by the user at the job site. When it’s time to pack-up, they stack together like a deck of cards.  As with all Lustre Barricades, your custom graphics are easily incorporated. 

C-Series Interlock Features Include:

  • Permanently connected panels with no loose hardware
  • Available in 16”, 24” and 32” wide panels
  • Non-Conductive construction
  • Available in 42”, 64” and 84” tall panels
  • Lightweight and extremely easy to handle
  • Made of a durable, high visibility, rigid 10mm plastic substrate
  • High tolerance for both hot and cold extremes
  • A single unit; uncomplicated and efficient
  • Consistency in deployment and performance; the same way, every time