Introducing the C-Series Windy Barricade

Tired Of Getting Blown Away?

A customer presented us with that exact predicament.  They loved the design and ease of our patented C-Series Interlock Barricades.  However, the windy environment these barricades were subjected to knocked them over. 

Our solution?  The C-Series Windy Barricade.  This all new design allows air to flow through the panels while reducing wind resistance.  Our R&D Team achieved this through the implementation of cutting compact, precision laser-cut holes in our non-conductive, durable and highly visible 10 mm plastic substrate material.  These barricades are perfect in situations that feature difficult environments.  They come as a complete unit with no assembly required, are easy to clean and easy to store. 

These barricades are available in 16”, 24” and 32” wide panels and come in a variety of heights as well.  Each barricade comes with a standard graphics package with the option to customize. 

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