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Shipping Calculator

Average Handrail Shipping Weights
UPS Handrail Shipping Cost Calculator
If you want to calculate your approximate handrail shipping costs fill out the form below.  This is an ESTIMATE ONLY and is subject to change .
0.183 lbs/inch
Extruded 3.0"
0.206 lbs/inch
Solid Flat 1.5"
0.2 lbs/inch
Solid Flat 2.0"
0.26 lbs/inch
Solid Flat 3.0"
0.37 lbs/inch
Solid Flat 4.0"
0.55 lbs/inch
Solid Flat 6.0"
0.76 lbs/inch
Solid Flat 8.0"
1.10 lbs/inch
Solid Flat 10.0"
1.26 lbs/inch
Stone Grip
0.18 lbs/inch
Use the calculator below:
(pounds X number of inches=Handrail weight) 

Country: Can not be changed
City: Can not be changed
Postal Code: Can not be changed
Postal Code/ZIP:
Residential Address: Yes No
Ship Date:
(Format YYYY-MM-DD)
Package Weight:  
Maximum weight is 150 lbs.

Package Dimensions:

4 rail bundle


Length Width Height  

  • Maximum length is 108"
  • You MUST add 3 inches to the length of your handrail order. For example, if your rail is 45" then type 48"
  • Add 4" width for EACH rail
  • Add 4" height for EACH rail