oxidized solid flat handrails
dark-to-light-flat FLAT-BENT-END-CLOSE

The oxidization option for both brass and bronze handrails provides your handrails with a
 rich look for any cab interior.  Available in the choice of three  shades: Light, Medium, and Dark, every handrail is oxidized by hand to help ensure an even coat across the entire surface.*  The included removable spacers which allow for ease of installation from inside the cab are also oxidized to match the handrail. Contact one of your sales reps for more information about oxidizing your handrails. 


 *Brass and Bronze handrails are spray lacquered to protect the handrails during shipping, installation and use.  Due to natural oxidation/tarnishing of yellow metals, extensive conatact, and variable cleaning solutions, this lacquer coating is not warranted.  It will degrade and require regular polish and    maintenance.