PART# AHE3000B  3" Bronze #4-Brushed Extruded Handrail
Material and Finish
Bronze #4 Brushed provides a low maintenance, durable finish.*
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This handrail features a channeled aluminum core and is tightly roll formed and clad with a minimum .024"(alloy #385-24 gauge) Bronze #4 brushed finish sheet metal.*  The channeled aluminum extrusion design of this handrail allows for easily adjustable spacer locations that can be slid along the length of the handrail and locked into place.  No more worrying about exact spacer or hole locations in the cab wall, just the over-all length and quantity of spacers required.

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Bent Ends

Standard with handrail
movable-spacerAluminum Core
Channeled aluminum extrusion
Adjustable Spacers
Can be slide and locked
 Handrail Spacer Mounting Options
ahfrv-bz ahfss-yb

Choose between the In Cab Mounting removable spacer assembly (with the specialized Toggler fastener), which allows for installation from within the elevator car cab.  Or choose the Exterior Cab Mounting spacer assembly (using the 3/8" stud).  Included with every handrail order, spacer kits can also be purchased separately. 
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Different computers, monitors, and printers always render colors differently from each other.  Actual finishes may vary slightly from colors shown here.
*Brass and Bronze handrails are spray lacquered to protect the handrails during shipping, installation and use.  Due to natural oxidation/tarnishing of yellow metals, extensive conatact, and variable cleaning solutions, this lacquer coating is not warranted.  It will degrade and require regular polish and maintenance.